Some gamedev videos

I have been meaning to record some playthrough videos of my two most recent ‘Week of Awesome’ competition entries and finally got around to it.

The challenge was to make a game from scratch in a week. Four themes are announced, contestants must pick two of those and incorporate them into the game somehow.

I have won 1st prize for two years running with these games:

Invasion Of The Liquid Snatchers – 2017 Entry
Themes chosen were ‘Alien Invasion’ and ‘Chain Reaction’.
I also wrote about the fluid rendering & simuation for this game.


Gamut of Blob – 2016 Entry
Themes chosen were ‘Evolution’ and ‘Shadows’. (sourcecode)


You can also find a video of my 2014 entry ‘Save My Toys’┬áin an earlier blog entry.


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